Obesity Counseling in Springfield, VA

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What is Obesity Counseling?

Obesity is a complex disease involving an abnormal or excessive amount of  fat accumulation. It is a medical problem that increases the risk of chronic disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.  By identifying the cause of your weight issues, we can help you overcome this condition. Included in this service is a weight loss plan to specifically help each individual based on their needs, struggles, and desires.  You can change your life and feel more confident and self-assured in your own skin. We are here to work with you to help you be the healthiest version of yourself.

How Can We Help?

Many people today struggle with weight loss, eating disorders, and more. Whether your weight gain is due to an eating addiction, stress eating, genetics, or a combination of things, we are here to help you address the cause of your obesity through obesity counseling. From there, we will tailor a weight loss plan designed with you in mind to help you overcome your trouble areas, lose weight, and live a healthy life. By working together, we can assist you in continually losing weight, help you during a plateau, or give you the extra push you need. During your counseling, we will provide you with the tools you need so you can manage your weight loss goals outside of our office and maintain your results.

Call Today for The First Step

Many people struggle daily with completing simple tasks, low self-esteem, or illnesses related to obesity. By addressing the cause of your weight gain and working together to create a treatment plan, we can help you reach your weight loss goals and live a happier and healthier life. Take the first step to a better version of you today and schedule an appointment.

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